Irisu Syndrome!

This should be the final, final version of the Irisu Syndrome english translation patch.

version 2.03 (Mediafire).

The game itself can be gotten here.

There was some material in the game files that you wouldn’t normally see. These have been packaged nicely for your convenience here. (Mediafire)

It’s a fun game, so please try it.

By the way, this is a different version from v. 203. Please check to make sure you have the latest patch.

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3 Responses to Irisu Syndrome!

  1. /jp/ says:

    thanks for this

  2. irisus says:

    Thank you for the patch! *^*

  3. Taro says:

    Tetsu made a post on Twitter about trying to contact you guys so that he can make the patch official. It seems this site has been inactive for a while, but if you happen to get this message then you should contact him if you get the chance.

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