Wrigglui progress

Good news. Apparently, my line count was again off because the script files have turned out to have redundant copies of all the text in the game. So, there’s actually half the work I thought there was.

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Though I’ve thrown up a page on it, I suppose I should put it here too. I’ve started work on Wrigglui. Unless I’m really lazy on my ass, should be don before the end of the month. The initial count shows Irisu was actually longer than this, but I have a feeling that thing’s wrong.

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Irisu Syndrome!

This should be the final, final version of the Irisu Syndrome english translation patch.

version 2.03 (Mediafire).

The game itself can be gotten here.

There was some material in the game files that you wouldn’t normally see. These have been packaged nicely for your convenience here. (Mediafire)

It’s a fun game, so please try it.

By the way, this is a different version from v. 203. Please check to make sure you have the latest patch.

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