Though I’ve thrown up a page on it, I suppose I should put it here too. I’ve started work on Wrigglui. Unless I’m really lazy on my ass, should be don before the end of the month. The initial count shows Irisu was actually longer than this, but I have a feeling that thing’s wrong.

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3 Responses to Wrigglui

  1. OSad says:

    Hey buddy, you’re gonna need any help with that? Share the load, double the speed, they say.

    • dxot says:

      Honestly speaking, I’ve just been slacking. The sheer volume compared to Irisu has daunted me. Still, I don’t want to be a wuss about it. For now I think I want to plow forward solo on this one. So much as I can, anyway.

  2. OSad says:

    Well, best of luck to you, then. I’m here if you need me.

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